We provide a number of beautiful, innovative and energy efficient window options for you. That would save you a good deal throughout their life cycle.

We have variety window such as:-

  • Aluminum windows
  • Casement windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Skylight 

​Our doors provide strength, beauty and technology in one package.

The systems available give exceptional performance, offering a wide range of innovative options to meet the needs of all environments. From hospital entrances to retail stores; smooth, quiet and reliable operation is delivered with modular configuration options and flexibility in design that ensure they would suit any application.


We make partitions of different material and designs as per client requirement, material used are such as Aluminum, automatic, frameless, glass/ shower, revolving door.For our glass partition systems are sustainable, having the ability to provide significant energy cost savings, allow natural light throughout the building creating a feeling of openness and allows you to utilize your available space more efficiently.


Mashrabiya are an essential part of Arabic cultural heritage and used heavily in   architecture and interior design

Our panels can be used to create decorative doors, cabinet doors, splash backs, partitions, dividing screens, feature walls, ceilings , art work, bed heads,  feature walls, balusters, stair cases, privacy screens air conditioning and duct covers or anything that captures your imagination. We have different materials available for Indoor, outdoor, metal screens, hardwood panels and a range of painted finishes


Our balustrades will break down visual barriers in your outside living areas. They are beautifully engineered and deliver a supreme feeling of space, while providing a safety barrier as well. Let our design team help you realize the potential of your outside space.We have a variety of models and shapes that all provide safety and long service life. Please have a look through our gallery of balustrades installations which may give you some more ideas.


Well defined as thin, usually aluminum-framed wall, containing in-fills of glass, metal panels, or thin stone. The framing is attached to the building structure and does not carry the floor or roof loads of the building.

Advantages of curtain wall

:-Keeping out air and water

:-  Reducing building sway

:-  Slowing the spread of fire

:- Thermal efficiency

:- Appearance and attractiveness


Spider glazing is the only option available for the larger opening elevation in the exterior and entrance of commercial and residential buildings. It is as structural support for any high-end exterior designs. Spider glazing can be customized for various designed buildings with the help of Spider glazing hardware, toughened glass and various other components involved in spider glazing concepts. Spider glazing concepts provides the entire necessary requirement in terms of safety and security for the end users.

Various toughened glass thicknesses are used in spider glazing concept like 12mm toughened glass, 15mm toughened glass and 19mm toughened glass. Structural support for the spider glazing can be taken from structure of the building and for the larger elevations structural support should be created with mild steel or stainless steel


We have variety modern design and custom made of shop front you desire and we have excellent team working with standard material to meet our client’s requirement.


These are window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain and direct sunshine. The angle of the slats may be adjustable, usually in blinds and windows, or fixed.

We have are three types

:- Hunter Douglas louvers

:-  Aluminum louvers

:- Aero foil louvers


We offer suspended ceiling such as

:-  Gypsum tiles

:-  Aluminum perforated tiles

:-  Aluminum panels tiles

:-  300mmc/c aluminum ceiling


These are doors that opens automatically, usually on sensing the approach of a person


These are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core.  ACPs are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage.

The PVDF aluminum composite panel consists of two sheets of corrosion resistant aluminum permanently bonded to polyethylene core material. The front aluminum coats PVDF (Fluor resin) paint. Because of its excellent weather proof and other features, this aluminum composite material becomes a very popular cladding material in the world.


We have three types of XPANDA


  The solid steel infill secures 3 uprights for maximum strength

  Available in wide range of UV resistant colors

:- Alu-glide plus( extra strong aluminum trellis doors

  Fully framed DIY trellis door with 3-point SLAMLOCK

:-  T-MAX

  Available in steel & aircraft grade aluminum

  The solid steel/aluminum  infill secures all the uprights for maximum strength

  Available in a wide range of UV resistant colors



​This is a covering or coating on a structure or material. We do cladding uses two materials which are:-
:- Aluminum composite panel



The service and products for shower cubies/screen can be customized as per client requirement and suggestions. 

  :-Shower room system

  :-Sliding door accessory

  :-Glass door hinge

  :-Fix clamp

  :-Support bar



They are Locally made from premium aluminium with Qualicoat approved powder coating, their versatility and classic simplicity make Blockhouse Shutters the ideal long-term solution to privacy, light control and security needs throughout your home. And the best part? They’re there when you need them, but when you don’t they glide away, stacking neatly to leave your views completely unobstructed.


If you can't find the right design or need a special size? because we make our products in Tanzania we can offer a bespoke design service for you

provide us with your pattern and let our team of designers and artisans work their magic to turn it into a reality.Whether you need a special size or a pattern to match the wall paper,let us make your dream a reality